Vision 7-5-1


Vision 7-5-1

Dear Church family and Friends of Living Water:

In September of 2010, our Church family voted to begin a campaign to decrease our church debt below $500,000, at which time we will begin the construction of a multi-purpose building - Phase 5 of our 7-5-1 campaign.  At the present time, our present Church debt makes it possible for us to proceed with the building project. 

This new project is the largest financial undertaking Living Water Baptist Church has ever pursued (approximately a $3.4 million addition).  While this may seem like a challenging endeavor, it is the necessary step the Church needs to take to continue to fulfill its vision.

Some of you have already pledged and continue to give to Vision 7-5-1; your faithfulness is greatly appreciated.  As the Church moves forward with this project, would you prayerfully consider your pledge in an effort to give us the most up-to-date record of your plans for your family's future involvement in Vision 7-5-1?  If you are new to Living Water or have not been active in giving to our building project, you are encouraged to prayerfully consider your involvment in Vision 7-5-1.

To help provide information concerning the Church’s long-range vision for facilities and grounds, I want to remind you of--or introduce you to--our Vision 7•5•1.

Excerpts taken from September 2010 letter to Living Water Baptist Church Members:

“I can hear the questions being raised, ‘What does ‘VISION 7•5•1’ mean?’  Going back even before the ministry of LWBC, God gave me a vision of a church being planted in this very area.  Then, back in October 1989, the vision began to unfold.  This vision has many aspects to it, but the one at hand has to do with the physical plant of this ministry.  This is where the number 7 comes in.  There are, according to our Master Plan, 7 different phases to our buildings. 

Four of those phases have already been realized.

            Phase 1 --  The purchasing of the initial property

            Phase 2 --  The building of our present sanctuary, fellowship hall, & purchase of add'l land.

            Phase 3 --  The building of our educational wing.

            Phase 4 --  The purchasing of the 6-1/2 acres of land adjacent to our property.

            Phase 5 --  The fifth phase will be the multi-purpose building we will build in the future.

                                 Thus, the reason for the number 5 in “VISION 7•5•1.”

            Phase 6 --  Future education / admin. wings to the left &right of the multi- purpose building.

            Phase 7 --  Future Worship Center and  additional education space. 

The number 1 in “VISION 7•5•1 represents one incredible body of believers working together to accomplish our vision.”

Please pray and follow the Lord's guidance in this God-sized vision.  These are exciting days ahead of Living Water Baptist Church, and you have the opportunity to impact the lives of our Church and our community both today and tomorrow!

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Lebron Crisp